This is the story/lore behind Chibi Labs:
Part 1
Part 2
The Chibi Lore (Pt. 1)
Humanity has always had a tendency to destroy what they had created. Everything they built, all the machines they had made, the systems of governance and society, none of it would matter in the end. There’s nobody left to remember when the first bombs dropped - no voices left to tell of the horrors that followed.
After the cities fell silent and nature took back over, the world awaited a new leader to take their place. Emerging from the jungles, the apes took what remained of the cities and made them their own, spreading across continents and oceans, settling old lands and making homes in new ones. Those clever beasts spent their time learning from humanity’s triumphs and their mistakes. They learned to read and write, to take apart the machines the humans had left behind, and eventually to build their own.
They planted trees everywhere they went to climb and swing, bridges spanned across skyscrapers like cobwebs, and great ponds served as meeting places. The world was healing under their stewardship and they learned it’s better to avoid fighting and work together. There were no boundaries for countries, but each city had its own leader. No wars to fight between nations but rather just ONE NATION, through collaboration and cooperation.
A golden age of apes was arising, one that would heal the broken planet and set them on a course to complete the work of humanity as they plot their ascent to the stars. As their identity formed, they busied themselves with entertainment and fashion, expressing themselves through their appearance. You can tell a lot about an ape from what they wear, from their interests and hobbies even down to their mood.
No longer relegated to being endangered, their numbers grew and grew as they commanded the earth. Species thrived under this new stewardship and the land healed, forests regrew and lakes and oceans grew fresh and clean. The apes studied human history and learned about their clothing and mannerisms from old videos and movies, ‘planet of the apes’ being one of their collective favorites.
They finally managed to build upon the technologies humans had left for them until they surpassed us in every way with their knack for critical thinking and understanding of where things went wrong. Their reign over the earth was just beginning, but a wonderful future awaits them all. They eventually found a way to contact the humans through time using highly evolved science involving black holes to a time before everything was destroyed. They were able to scan themselves and send back the images for humans to adopt.
Now, you have a chance to prove your bond with the future curators of the world with your very own troop of Chibi Apes! Just like us, no two are alike. Find an ape that speaks to you and make them your own and join the Chibi Nation! Your Chibi Ape is your passport to the future and it’s going to be a glorious one!
The Chibi Lore (Pt. 2)
As protectors and curators of their new reality, the Chibi Apes found themselves increasingly curious about what had happened to their human predecessors— what they’d been like, what they’d sought to build & where they’d gone wrong. So they set out to dig deeper.
With advanced satellites and telescopes, they discovered a signal sent from a galaxy far, far away. One group of brave Chibi Apes took it upon themselves to embark on a mission— a journey— with no clear destination & no sense of where or how it might end. After years of traveling through space at the speed of light, having endured damage to their mothership, they discovered a planet. They were even more curious yet anxious upon landing, unsure as to whether they’d meet friends or enemies with the planet’s native species.
They found creatures that looked surprisingly like humans. What they didn’t known is that the humans were controlled by aliens & although they walked, talked & acted like humans, they were really Cyborgs— human-machine hybrids acting out the aliens’ requests & demands. Some of the Cyborgs that had lost all humanity became Robots— completely soul- less creatures that supported aliens on their mission to dominate all life forms on their planet.
After spending some time interacting with the Cyborgs that they thought of as a foreign breed of ‘humans’, the Apes realized some of these Cyborgs did in fact have some humanity left in them. The Apes made it part of their mission to take on the aliens in an intergalactic war & quickly adopted their technologies & aesthetics to manipulate Cyborgs to their advantage & rescue them from reign of the the savage Aliens and hopeless Robots. Though many lost their lives in this intergalactic collision of species, the Apes were able to bring some Cyborgs safely home to the Apes’ native planet Earth.
Now you can adopt a futuristic Cyborg of your own & ride with them throughout the galaxy, exploring the future of the web with an intergalactic guide at your side. So find yours. Your perfect blend of technology & humanity is waiting.