Learn how to upgrade your fren

Upgrading your fren is the ultimate goal of the game, for now, it is the only way to evolve your pet to the next level. However, we will provide additional solutions/utility for people who don't want/ or don't have time for playing the game to upgrade their pets.

Off-chain parameters

There are certain parameters that are only known in the game, here's an overview:

  • Rank

  • Rank progress

  • Health

  • Attack

  • Defense

  • Skills


  • Level of the pet

  • Traits

How to upgrade

To upgrade your Chibi Fren, you simply need to run as many missions to have enough resources to pay the upgrade fee. Upgrading your pets' metadata will happen instantly, but you will need to wait for exchanges to pick up the new animated video. Refreshing the metadata will help exchanges retrieve the latest video of your fren.

To confirm the upgrade simply click on the button with the number:

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