Learn how to claim your Chibi Fren

If you're holding a Chibi of any generation, you'll be able to claim 1 egg that can be evolved into a pet by playing the Chibi Frens game.

How claiming works

  1. Visit (starting 04/14)

  2. Click on "Connect" to log in with your Ethereum wallet

  3. You will be presented with the Chibis that can be used for claiming, simply select by clicking on their image.

  4. Click on "Claim" and confirm with your MetaMask/Coinbase wallet

  5. Wait for the transaction to finish and watch your wallet

Special Claim

Holders of all 3 generations (Genesis, Apes, Galaxy) will be able to claim a special egg for free. Simply have all 3 generations in the same wallet. If you own multiple genesis Chibis you will need multiple pairs of Gen 1 + Gen 2 + Gen 3. The special egg is a holographic egg, also known from the Chibi Galaxy "holos".

While the used Genesis will be market as claimed, the ape and galaxy Chibi are still able to claim a "normal" egg.

The holo egg is a special egg, since unlike the other species, with this one you're able to decide into what species you want to turn your baby pet into. As of now, there are 3 species you can turn your baby pet into:

  • Holo Alien

  • Holo Cat

  • Holo Dog

You can decide on these freely, but keep in mind the supply of each species when deciding what you want your baby holo to turn into!

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