Send your frens on a mission to mine resources that can be used to upgrade your pets.

Missions are a major component of the frens game. The crew you've formed earlier will be able to go on missions to mine resources. Those resources are crucial since they will be needed to upgrade your pets, feed your pet, or buy skills for your pet. Keep in mind that every mission will reduce the health of your Chibi Fren and which will require feeding it to regain its health.


First, you need to select the galaxy you'd like to send your team to. Each galaxy contains multiple planets that need to be cleared before you can move on to the next galaxy.


When selecting a galaxy, you can now pick a planet you want to send your frens to. Each planet has its own look and specialties. For each planet, you can gain a maximum of 3 stars.

Mission Overview

In the mission overview, you can see the details of the mission. Each mission gives you rewards that can be used to upgrade your Chibi Frens later. If you have completed a mission before you will be able to see the results in form of stars. Each mission takes time, which means your team will be away and can't be used for other missions during that time.

Mission Rewards

By completing a mission successfully you will receive mission rewards. As of now, there is gold and elixir, but we're planning to add more resources.

After a mission is completed you will be able to claim your rewards including the XP (experience points) for your trainer, pet, and for yourself. In a ranking overview, you'll be able to see the top players, trainers, and pets.

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