Chibi Labs is owned and operated by our founders Sposta, Fabs, and Hbizzle, who are real-world entrepreneurs, business operators, engineers, and artists with successful track records that believe in the power of community and grassroots growth. In addition, the Chibi Team includes employees, moderators, creatives, and community leaders that make a team of 20 people - all excited and driven to lead Chibi Apes into a glorious future!

Our Founders:

  • Sposta, CEO: An accomplished entrepreneur, operator & tech thought leader, Mat Sposta has launched several startups, including one successfully exited one to a public company.

  • Fabs, Artist/Dev: Software engineer with 10+ years of working experience, self-taught 3D artist, and creator of the Chibi characters.

  • Hbizzle, Head of Sales: CEO of a global recruiting firm, early BAYC investor, and creator of NFTSniperBot.

Our Core Team:

And many more helpers including:

  • Moderators: Across the US, Europe, and Asia Chibi Labs has 6+ moderators making sure Discord is home to our community.

  • Creatives (a.k.a. Chibi Laboratory): Graphic designers, video creators, and merch designers.

  • Spaces Team (a.k.a. Chibis & Friends): The voice of Chibi Labs on Twitter Spaces, running 2 NFT-themed spaces each week with lots of guests.

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