Create the best team to run successful missions!

You can create a crew of 6 consisting of 1 trainer and a maximum of 5 Chibi Frens. While you can run missions with a smaller crew (at least 1 trainer + 1 pet) you have a higher chance of reaching a better result with a bigger crew. Not only the crew size but also how you've formed your crew will influence the mission outcome (hint: homogenous vs. heterogeneous teams). During the beta, you will be able to create a maximum of one crew. However, you can always readjust your crew after a mission.

Creating a crew

To create a crew simply press on the + icon for each position. In the overview, you will see the available trainers and pets that are available in your wallet.


The right trainer of a crew plays an important role in its success, this is not different for Chibi Frens. The better the trainer, the better the resources that will be mined at the end. The best part of the Chibi Frens trainers is that you can actually make use of collections outside of Chibis.

Here's an overview of the current trainers:

  • Chibi Genesis

  • Chibi Apes

  • Chibi Galaxy

  • BAYC

  • MAYC

  • Cool Cats

  • Azuki

  • CyberKongz

  • Doodles

  • CloneX

Request a trainer

Trainers and their attributes need to be coded into the game manually. We're reserving the right to decide on the attributes. In case you want us to include a specific collection as a trainer, please request it here: The more people request a specific project the higher the chances of adding it!

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