What is Chibi Labs?

Chibi Labs is the NFT studio behind the sold-out Chibi Genesis, Apes, and Galaxy 3D avatar collections. With these Metaverse & Web3-equipped collections of exclusive NFT avatars, a highly engaged community & an emphasis on education, integration & commercialization. Chibi Labs is on a mission to make Web3 accessible & inclusive for all. We welcome everyone to our vibrant community, where you can learn many things about the Web3 space, build relationships, discuss investment opportunities, or just hang around with friends. We aren't just an NFT project but a Web3 community whose desire is to provide a positive experience across the space. Our community strives to promote a funny, kind, welcoming, and respectful reach to everyone. Whether or not you hold any kind of Chibi, you are still a part of our community! Are you ready to join the mission?

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