Learn about the Chibi Frens game.

What came first – the fren or the egg? Raise your Chibi Fren from an egg to a baby to a full-grown pet. This transformation will take place over a series of missions that allow you to level up your Chibi Frens. At maturity, you will have the ability to enhance your Frens into high-performance gamers.

Chibi Frens is a web3/NFT game that is purposefully built off-chain to avoid gas costs and keep the complexity of the game low. All resources are usable in-game only, while the traits, including the level, of the Chibi Frens are stored as metadata and generally visible on NFT exchanges like OpenSea. However, we reserve the right to add a token in the future to make the Chibi Frens game a P2E game.

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